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How To Make The Perfect Folded Gift Box?

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Origami folding box is a paper gift box that we often use in our daily life, which can be used to hold electronic products, jewelry, clothing, etc.. But a quality folding gift box is not often seen, so how can you make a good quality folding gift box? HC Packaging, as a packaging expert, can help you.


Key points of quality origami folding box


1. Pay attention to the condition of the paper. Sampling and checking of folded gift box paper during printing. Shortly after entering official printing, the changes in the ink supply and water quantity determined at the time of opening printing should be checked by frequent sampling and readjustment. When the printing speed remains constant and the ink supply and water quantity are in a stable state, perform sampling checks at a rate of 500 to 1,000 sheets per print/time. Clip in the warning paper strip. In formal printing, a thin strip of warning paper should be inserted as a kind of marker for trouble areas to facilitate inspection in the post-process.


2. Pay attention to the changes in the water at the beginning of the official printing. Test printing on the water and into the official printing on the water, more or less will be some changes, must pay attention to the observation of the paper with or without ghosting, water shoulders, while paying attention to the mediation of the printing plate to the water. To pay close attention to the main body of the machine heat and ventilation in the workshop to the impact of the water, alcohol wetting plate to pay attention to the wetting system cooling device, control the temperature of the wetting solution, too little water, will make the printing plate dirty; too much water will cause ink emulsification, will bring a series of problems, such as folding gift boxes without gloss, paper stretching and inaccurate overprinting, delaying the occurrence of ink drying and other problems.


3. Pay attention to the ink of the ink hopper. The ink in the ink hopper is passed out from the gap between the ink hopper roller and the ink hopper squeegee, and is naturally squeezed out by the self-weight of the ink. Therefore, the amount of ink in the ink hopper directly affects the amount of ink output, so be careful to keep a certain amount of ink in the ink hopper. In addition, printing ink is thixotropic in nature, and when placed in the ink hopper for a long time, the liquidity will gradually deteriorate. In order to prevent the ink from drying on the machine, the ink on the ink roller and the ink surface in the ink hopper will dry when the machine is stopped for a long time. Drying inhibitor can be used to spray on the need to prevent drying. Pay attention to the uniformity of the ink, the density of the finished folded gift box changes depending on the amount of water, room temperature, and machine speed, and should often be compared with the standard sample sheet for inspection, pay attention to prevent the phenomenon of uneven ink color.

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