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Packaging design trends for 2021 : More protective packaging

Oct 25,2021 Source: HC Packaging Views:

Is your product packaging ready for 2021?

With so much going on in the world this year, it would be easy to let packaging design slip your mind. You may have an awesome product. But, it’s your packaging that does the selling.

That’s why packaging design and package graphics are too vital to be overlooked, thrown together, or left to grow outdated.

Your product packaging is on the front line of every product sale. Potential customers often see and touch your packaging well before they ever get to interact with the product itself.

Overall demand for protective packaging has increased.

As a result of flatten-the-curve measures, 2020 has seen a vast increase in e-commerce orders. Carry-out meals are more prevalent than ever before. And, grocery delivery is thriving.

More items are being shipped, overall. And shoppers value packaging that protects their purchases from the elements and possible viral exposure.

This is a positive design trend, whether you’re selling subscription boxes or regular products at retail or through ecommerce.

Leading into 2021, businesses should prioritize ecommerce packaging designs that are sturdy enough to survive prolonged shipping and that cover as much of the physical product as possible.

Is your current packaging sturdy enough to hold up to additional shipping?

Does your current packaging leave parts of your product exposed to the elements? (this could happen, for example, if you have cut outs in your product packaging)

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, consider updating your packaging asap.