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Design and structure of gift box

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Gift box design


The main components of a gift box need to be considered in terms of packaging patterns, packaging colors, materials and other elements. A gift box mainly focuses on visual effects and quality. The design of a gift box needs to consider the following aspects.

Packaging design

the shape of a gift box packaging, people often first visual impression in addition to the shape is the design of the packaging, the design of the packaging is also a way to promote the product, its importance, not metaphor;

Product label

The product label is usually printed with the contents of the package and the main ingredients contained in the product, brand logo, product quality level, product manufacturer, production date, validity period, and usage method;

Packaging color

The color matching of gift box packaging is an important component in packaging design. Many people pay attention to the color matching of packaging and the color of gift boxes.

It is a creative color combination of product characteristics, which can not only strengthen the brand characteristics of the product, but also have a certain appeal to customers;

Packaging shape

The appropriate packaging shape is conducive to storage, transportation and display, as well as product sales. Therefore, the packaging shape of the gift box is an essential and important element in the packaging;

Trademark or brand

Trademark or brand can be said to be an important component of gift box packaging, occupying an important position in the overall tin box packaging;

Selection of packaging materials

The choice of packaging materials for gift boxes will not only have a certain impact on the packaging cost, but also have a certain impact on the market competitiveness of this product. The design of the gift box is developing in the direction of exquisiteness and practicality in the future development trend. The pattern and color matching need to follow up the characteristics and advantages of the product, except to design a packaging design suitable for enterprise products. The above is the gift box design.

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The structure of the gift box

1. Structural design of socket gift box

This is a commonly used form of carton, with simple shape, simple process and low cost. For example, common wholesale packaging mostly uses this structure.


2. Structural design of windowed gift box


This form of carton is commonly used in toys, food and other products. The feature of this structure is that it enables consumers to see the product at a glance and increases the credibility of the product. Generally, the part that opens the window is supplemented with transparent materials.


3. Structural design of portable gift box


This form of carton is commonly used in gift boxes and is characterized by its ease of portability. But pay attention to whether the volume, weight, material and structure of the handle are equivalent to avoid damage to consumers during use.

4. Structural design of drawer gift box


This packaging form is similar to the shape of a drawer, the lid and the box body are held apart by two sheets of paper, and the structure is firm and easy to use multiple times. Common ones are packaging boxes for oral liquids, chocolates, and so on.


5. Structural design of variant gift box


Variation carton pursues the interestingness and variability of the structure, and is often suitable for some lively products, such as snacks, candy, toys, etc. This kind of structure is more complicated, but the display effect is good.


6. Structural design of covered gift box


This covered structure is divided into two types: one-piece type and split type. The so-called integrated type means that the cover is connected to the box body and is formed by one piece of paper, such as the packaging of cigarettes; while the split type means that the cover is separated from the box body and formed by two pieces of paper, such as moon cake packaging.


7. Combined gift box structure design


Combined packaging is mostly used in gift boxes. This type of packaging has both a single package and a medium package. It is characterized by being expensive and beautiful, but the cost is high. The above is the structure of the gift box.


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