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Form selection and production process of box packaging

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Form selection of box packaging


There are many forms of box packaging, which should be selected according to the characteristics of the product.


Box packaging is generally used for gifts, and in terms of style, choose a more festive expression that can give people a feeling of emotion. After the style of box packaging is determined, you need to open the software to establish a more reasonable size. According to the market positioning of gifts, box packaging is selected, and relevant design elements are used to make the layout look simple and atmospheric through layout design, color matching, and element production. When the prototype of box packaging comes out, it is necessary to have a control over the overall details, modify the unreasonable places and improve the details. The above is the form selection of box packaging.

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The production process of box packaging


No matter what kind of products on the market now, as long as they are not wet products, almost all of them use box packaging. Box packaging is widely used in the market because of its good sealing and protection. The reason for box packaging is that box packaging has a lower cost, is suitable for a wide range of use, and can reduce investment costs.


The first step in making box packaging is to make a suitable section, do a good job in product packaging design, reflect the characteristics of the product and the company culture with the method of text and image fusion, and mainly express the color matching in the section.


HC Packaging, a custom box manufacturer, told everyone that the packaging paper of gift cartons is generally made of double copper and matte copper paper. One is that it has a sense of hierarchy, and the other is that the hardness is improved. In the case of hardcover box packaging and printing, it is very important to pay attention to the reflection of the actual effect of packaging printing. This is because the hardcover box is used as the packaging of the outer box, which requires higher printing technology to prevent milky white, black ink and paste.


HC Packaging, a custom-made gift box manufacturer, told everyone that hardcover boxes generally require surface treatment during the entire packaging and printing process, mainly covering sub-film, varnishing and other techniques. Some consumers stipulate that if there is a hole in the top of the gift box, if there is a regulation, they will help to implement it. If not, check the product quality of the finished product, and if the test meets the standard, it can be packaged and supplied. The above is the production process of box packaging.

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Well-designed box packaging supplier


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