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Personalized packaging

Oct 25,2021 Source: HC Packaging Views:

At a time when so much in the world is disconnected and impersonal, package design has unexpectedly helped to unite us all.

Ecommerce and food delivery have become vital resources for keeping people connected and society functioning.

Packaging and package graphics allow businesses to communicate about their product and brand and help customers experience that product and brand – even if they’re sheltering at home.

The natural next step to enhance customer experience is to create personalized packaging for a unique unboxing experience that helps people feel like they’re getting a royal treatment.

In 2021, tactics like including customers’ names in the packaging design and selecting imagery or messaging targeted to a specific customer’s interests, will be a powerful way to create a connection and build customer loyalty.

Can you segment your customers into identifiable groups with specific interests? If so, consider how this packaging trend can help you look forward and develop a targeted unboxing experience for each customer segment in 2021.