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Precautions and reasonable design of gift box

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With the trend of gift box customization, gift box customization is more and more used in products. There will be multiple processes in the customized production of gift boxes. We need to accurately grasp the production process to avoid problems. Below, HC Packaging will introduce to you what aspects need to be paid attention to when customizing the packaging carton.


Precautions for gift box customization


When cutting cardboard, you need to pay attention to the selection and use of materials and cutting tools, and pay attention to the cutting strength of each paper material. If the incision is rough and untidy, it will cause greater loss.


In the printing process, in a gift box, the more complex the design content, the greater the possibility of mistakes in the production process. This requires a premise to explain the division of labor, and how to realize it needs to be negotiated before practical operation.


During the indentation process, pay attention to the uniform stress on the indentation area at the same time, and avoid explicit or hidden cracks at the indentation.


Manual bonding / machine bonding, the amount of glue used in the bonding process should be moderate, the bonding cardboard should be aligned, not cracked, and avoid details affecting the appearance. The above is the precautions for gift box customization.


With the development of packaging, packaging production technology has also been continuously improved, and printing machines have been continuously upgraded, reducing a lot of manpower, and under the control of machine technology, the quality and working hours have also improved. The above is the sharing of Ganhe Packaging.


In such a beautiful and friendly environment in modern times, people sometimes give each other exquisite gifts to express their sincere emotions, and gifts sometimes need to be set off by beautiful gift boxes, so people will seek gift box design at this time. With the help of the company, the gift box design company will customize the exclusive gift box for the customer, and what are the points that attract customers when customizing the gift box?

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Reasonable design of gift box


Reasonable color matching


The professional gift box design company will pay attention to the color matching when designing the gift box, and will select the color that matches the gift provided by the customer in advance, because the color of the gift needs to echo the external color of the gift box. The gifts look beautiful and eye-catching, and the effects of different colors are different, so the gift box design company will continue to try different colors to match the colors for customers.


The pattern matches the design concept


The gift box design company with guaranteed quality and quantity will discuss the design concept according to the design concept provided by the customer when designing the pattern. The meanings expressed by different patterns are also different. When the customer wants to express the emotion of the recipient, gift box design The company will use more warm patterns to design the external design of the gift box for customers, so that the outer packaging can directly reflect the sincere emotions of the gift giver.


Gift box making materials are environmentally friendly


A good gift box design company will use environmentally friendly materials for design and production when making gift boxes, because only the material produced is environmentally friendly, the recipient can properly dispose of the gift box and do not need to worry about the gift box. Polluting the environment, environmentally friendly materials can also be used for other purposes, not only for storage, but also after recycling. The above is the reasonable design of gift box

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Newly designed gift box supplier


To sum up, we can understand that precautions for gift box customization and reasonable design of gift box, gift box needs to be designed reasonably. From multiple perspectives, a good gift box design company will choose environmentally friendly materials to make gift boxes when designing gift boxes. , in the design of external patterns and color matching, gift box design company will continue to research and explore, and try to match customers with beautiful and meaningful patterns and colors as much as possible. HC Packaging is such a newly designed gift box supplier. If you are interested in gift boxes, please contact us.