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The design of box packaging can determine sales

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The design of box packaging determines sales


Like any kind of commodity, cosmetics need to rely on box packaging to achieve the final sale, and it is a commodity that relies heavily on box packaging. It is not only because the characteristics of cosmetic ingredients determine that it needs a reasonable box packaging to protect product safety and stability, but also because cosmetics itself is a special commodity that carries people's desire to beautify themselves.


The box packaging design of cosmetics must correctly convey the cosmetic characteristics required by consumers for different personalities, and express the aesthetic tastes of different groups of people, in order to successfully realize the sales of cosmetics. The exquisitely designed high-value box packaging gives people a sense of natural soft tones, with creative bottle caps and design concepts, more common and elegant style with light colors, while retaining the characteristics of the product beauty of. The above introduces the design of box packaging determines sales.

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The meaning of box packaging

Human eyes always like to enjoy compliments, but there is also a word called "mere appearance", which is too magnificent and has no practical significance. The same is true of box packaging. Box packaging that is too gorgeous and has no practical significance can only be ignored and admired, or it is a waste of time to cause customers to complain.


In the magnificent and huge box, the product is box-packed like a work of art. Taking out a lot of box packaging left over from the product is a pain to waste, and the magnificent box packaging also increases the cost of mooncakes and increases the selling price. . It doesn't seem like a good thing for customers. A good box packaging can cause customers to pay attention to promote purchase, act as a shopping guide, and facilitate the use of customers. Assuming that a box packaging is too gorgeous, box packaging for box packaging can only be reduced to superfluous.


I have seen a box packaging about sesame oil before. Besides a bottle sticker, there is also a box packaging of sackcloth bag. After the sackcloth bag is covered, the content of the bottle sticker is completely covered up, and the customer cannot see the information of the product. How to make a judgment whether to buy. The overall effect is a trace of ancient and beautiful smell, but the box packaging has lost the most essential meaning for customers to identify and distinguish the product. With a box packaging, sesame oil is often used as a condiment in the kitchen, and customers are buying it. The emphasis in the process is its product quality, and it is a fast buying process. Does anyone take sesame oil as a gift? box packaging doesn't make much sense.


Suppose there is such a box packaging, and different box packaging colors are used in similar products. First of all, the color is very dazzling, which arouses the attention of customers. Do you want to take it off the shelf and take a closer look? Suppose a box packaging dazzlingly informs you of the brand, variety, and main ingredients of the product. Do you want to keep looking at its details, is it the product you want?


A good box packaging is to attract visually and guide the purchase from the box packaging.


A brilliant box packaging design is a beautiful box packaging, and a box packaging that can visually guide customers is a good box packaging. A well-planned box packaging is not necessarily a good box packaging, but a box packaging that can attract customers and guide customers to buy must be a successful box packaging. The above is the meaning of box packaging.

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Design a proper box packaging supplier

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