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The meaning and function of gift boxes customization

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The meaning of gift boxes customization


The meaning of gift boxes customization is the consumer's visual experience of the product, the direct and main transmitter of the product's personality, and the direct expression of the corporate image positioning. Good gift box design is one of the important means for enterprises to create profits. The design of gift boxes with accurate strategic positioning and consumer psychology can help companies stand out from many competing brands and make the company win a "reliable" reputation. The gift boxes of the product also have other functions. The following is a brief introduction to the three functions of gift boxes customization.

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Gift boxes customized features


Protective function. This is the most basic and principled function of gift boxes customization. Other functions of gift boxes design can only continue to be designed under the premise that the protection function is realized. The protection function refers to protecting the contents from external impact and preventing damage or deterioration of the contents caused by light and moisture. The structure and material of gift boxes are directly related to the protection function of gift boxes.


Sales function. The sales function of gift boxes is a function derived from the process of commercialization of the society and the market. The quality of gift boxes directly affects the sales of products. Through the graphic descriptions of gift boxes, guide consumers to correctly consume products, and at the same time reflect the cultural taste of specific products, give people a pleasant feeling and create added value.


circulation function. The gift boxes of the product are required to adapt to this process. Good gift boxes should be easy to handle, easy to transport, and can be securely stored during storage. It is convenient for handling and loading and unloading; it is convenient for production and processing, turnover, loading, sealing, labeling, stacking, etc.; it is convenient for storage and storage and identification of goods and commodity information; it is convenient for store shelf display and sales; Consumer applications; facilitate the sorting and recycling of gift boxes waste.


In short, gift boxes customized features are to protect products, convey product information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and increase product added value. As a comprehensive discipline, gift box design has the duality of combining merchandise and art.

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Professional gift boxes custom supplier


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