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Typographic Points Of Custom Tote Bags

Mar 22,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

If the folding gift box is the arrow that hits the heart of the consumer, then the tote bag is the medicine to fill the consumer, folding gift boxes and tote bags as two complementary products, the existence of the two is indispensable, especially the more outstanding corporate brands, will customize the exclusive tote bag packaging, so how to layout to be more attractive to consumers, today HC Packaging will teach you the following five points, a key to get it done Tote bag typography.


Typographic points of the tote bag

 tote bag

1. The art of decorative tote bag design


Gift tote bag custom purpose is to convey to the audience, to achieve the best visual and communication effects, layout and presentation is the core of the art of layout design, layout design needs to focus on these two aspects to consider the finishing touches.


2. Handbag design ideas


Each piece of print text layout is intended, the ultimate purpose is to better spread information, to play a better promotional role. Fine folding gift box manufacturers recommend to determine the purpose of the customer first, in-depth understanding of customer needs, and then based on research to come up with useful information. Gift tote bag custom design requires a concise, simple and pure length, not just simple and single, but the refinement and concentration of information, is based on a novel and unique idea.


3. Typographic design should be flexible and balanced


Local and overall unity and coordination, the layout of the text, pictures need to be organized and coordinated with the folding gift box coordination, so that it has a clear organization, there are lines of order, so as to get better results. The layout can not be rigid, need to have fun and uniqueness, lively layout can play the role of the finishing touch for the whole design.


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