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How To Solve The Problem Of "Black Shadow" In Packaging Boxes

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I don't know if you guys have encountered this situation, some large black and white pictures on the newspaper or decorative strips of the mesh, the ink shadows, which is often referred to as "black shadow", this situation in the packaging printing process often occurs, and by a variety of reasons, today HC Packaging and you to discuss how to solve the "black shadow" problem.


How to solve the problem of "black shadow"

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1. When layout, change the layout appropriately.


When designing the layout, make sure that the ink rollers have enough time to avoid the "black shadow" situation. For example, an original design is placed on the printing side of a larger image area, if the press is large enough, you can place two images on a white background. Using a cut surface other than the cut line, place the color strip on the ink rollers and transfer the excess ink to the ink rollers, which will minimize the appearance of "black shadows.


1. Change the design.


Reduce the density of large frames or large fields, balance the grid image and balance the density gap between the field sections on the page, and try to balance the ink volume of the entire page to reduce the appearance of "black shadows". You can also adjust the printing machine to reduce the supply of ink in the shadow part of the ink, in addition, some printing machines are equipped with beveled rollers, which can effectively solve the ink shadows, with different parts of the ink roller to print different parts of the large field, so that the ink roller does not lack of ink.


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