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According To Which Aspects Should The Box Be Designed

Mar 16,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

How to design a box

Subscription Boxes 

An excellent box design should be able to capture the hearts of consumers, while maximizing the product information and maximize sales effect.


1. The form can be fancy and bold, but can not avoid the content to talk about creativity, packaging and products can not be pulled together, the table is not the same. At the same time try not to show this "connection" ambiguous, misleading consumers and can not let them identify the brand in a short time, to know the creative packaging design should be closely linked to the brand itself attributes, so that a look at what you sell, know who you are.


2. The combination of graphics and text is also a very important subject. Basically, no one should be missing the textual description of the ingredients, formulation, efficacy, use and care of the product, and so on. The boutique folding gift box manufacturers suggest that the customization can be accompanied by heartfelt copy, so that consumers are attracted by the pattern and further deepen their impression of the product through the text. The copywriting style or humor or solemnity can be based on the product characteristics and packaging design style, you can try some more personalized language style.


3. Pay attention to the use of impression color in the packaging color. Impression color means that it can reflect the image of a large class of goods hue, is a long time to accumulate in the hearts of consumers of a certain commodity representative color, can make consumers similar to the signal reflect the same cognitive reflection. For example, the dark red of Wang Laoji, the dark yellow of Red Bull, the frosty green of Sprite, let people know the content of the package at first glance. Each brand's product should give itself an image color, packaging design on the basis of the main color extension, but not contrary.


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