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Application of bronzing pattern in gift box packaging

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Today, with the re-engraving of the design template, the bronzing pattern has gradually become a cultural design symbol of modern gift box packaging design with its unique formal beauty and symbolic meaning. The combination of the two can not only put on beautiful clothes for gifts, but also inherit and carry forward the traditional national culture, and achieve a win-win situation between gift box design and national culture. Chinese people have been a country of etiquette since ancient times. Whether it is the customs of the New Year or the daily etiquette, the Chinese often express their blessings to relatives and friends by giving gifts, rendering a festive and peaceful atmosphere. Based on this, gift box packaging is not only a means of publicity to increase the competitiveness of commodities, but also contains more emotional expressions and cultural connotations to connect consumers' holiday emotions. Bronzing patterns are the most precious intangible cultural heritage in China. Its application in gift box packaging can satisfy consumers' spiritual and emotional expression, and obtain the support of national culture in the sublimation of connotation.

Luxury wine box gift packaging

The design of the gift box is hollowed out with a pictogram of a cow. The color is Chinese red as the theme color. The the design of gift box packaging and decoration are carried out on the basis of bronzing, which reflects the comprehensive application of bronzing patterns and shows the auspicious and festive atmosphere of bronzing patterns.

In the design of gift box packaging, the integration of regional and national cultural elements has become the mainstream trend, which is conducive to showing the humanistic spirit and national wisdom of regional culture. At the same time, it can also create personalized packaging design to highlight the overall connotation of corporate culture. Quanyuan Wine is named after the origin of Quanyuan Township. The Manchu paper-cut art of Changbai Mountain in the area where it is located has become a precious national cultural heritage in my country with its unique shape, full composition and rough lines, which has greatly enriched my country's folk culture. The performance content of bronzing technology.