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How many steps do you have to go through to package a small gift box?

Aug 11,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:
To understand, a good commodity and then match a "suitable" commodity packaging, so all the commodity level will instantly improve up, and thus indirectly improve the rate, so for everyone gift box packaging manufacturers, we need to do, is to design products for customers paragraph suitable for the commodity packaging, so general then a small gift box Packaging has to go through is how much process can be shown to the hands of the customer.

Analysis of the production process of packaging boxes.

Firstly, packaging specifications, processing technology, materials, program design and price first with the customer to determine a good, followed by the customer to pay part of the sample fee then just start to sample.

Second, according to the printing paper raw materials, mold selection system well, just start engineering construction.

Third, the packaging to carry out packaging printing, thermal printing, overlapping sub-film, film cutting.

Fourth, the production of the production of production is carried out after handing over to the production workshop staff to carry out expansion, bonding.

Fifth, the Ministry of production is carried out after the vital step, quality inspection of product quality, scrubbing the packaging on the dirt.

Sixth, loading, prepare for delivery in advance. Sales market everyone common gift packaging boxes, despite its style and shape design on the posture of a thousand, but in fact the real fixed box type is also so several

The round box, in short, the round body box, the scope of application of this round box is generally used for wedding candy box, moon cake box, tea box these, but the general production of this box is more inconvenient, made by the equipment, so the price of such a box is relatively high.

Square boxes, we are common square boxes, there are square boxes, rectangular boxes, portable square boxes, and book-shaped square boxes, the scope of application of such boxes is more common, and the cost of production fees are more cost-effective, the production out is also very exquisite, so very by customers and customers pro-gaze. Tapered boxes. This type of box is rare in the general sales market. Due to the complicated production and insufficient application, it is generally used for wedding candy boxes. In everyone's daily life, can't lack is a variety of goods, naturally also inevitably gift box packaging custom manufacturing, although we in the sales market is able to see a variety of styles of gift box packaging, but you master its production materials, for everyone in general, it is likely not necessarily too much mastery, but for the product shop, packaging materials are all they must master Basic content.