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Box packaging data classification

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Box packaging process


When making box packaging, which one should customers choose between bronzing and gold printing? The bronzing process of box packaging is to use the principle of hot pressing to transfer the aluminum layer in the anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect. Because the main material used for bronzing is anodized aluminum foil, so bronzing is also called anodized aluminum foil. print. Anodized aluminum foil is generally composed of multi-layer materials, and the substrate is usually PE, followed by separation coating, color coating, metal coating (aluminum plating) and glue coating.


Health products box packaging


After the box packaging is hot stamped, the picture is clear and beautiful, the color is dazzling, wear-resistant and weather-resistant. Especially suitable for decoration. The gold printing process of box packaging is literally meaning that when gold ink is printed on the paper, the gloss is not as high as that of hot stamping, and it feels the same as the printed matter without special texture. The advantage is that the cost is low, it can be completed with printing, and the efficiency is high. Special gold, the same as printing gold, is gold specially prepared according to customer requirements, which can be red gold, blue gold, and various colors of gold. The cost is higher than that of printing gold, and the other processes are the same as those of printing gold.


When making box packaging, bronzing is more advanced than printing gold, and it can play a more prominent role. However, if a large area of hot stamping is required, the cost will become higher. In this case, the gold printing process is generally recommended, which can save costs.


Gifts are an important means of interpersonal communication, and the planning of box packaging is also an important goal of the gift level. Many exquisite box packaging poured into shopping malls for festival gifts, door-to-door visits, company welfare distribution, etc. No matter where box packaging is used, the raw materials of box packaging are an important part that cannot be ignored. The above is the box packaging process.

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Box packaging data classification


Box packaging paper

If you want to reflect the high-grade and precious gifts, it is best to choose solid materials and high-strength cartons. Materials generally fall into two broad categories: corrugated and compressed cardboard. Because box packaging needs to be printed more delicately, it is recommended to use ultra-thin corrugated cardboard box packaging above E corrugated cardboard, the thickness should be controlled at 1mm-2mm, and the box type should be folded and formed heterosexual cartons. E-type corrugated paper has good rigidity and strength. , and is suitable for delicate printing. There are also micro-corrugated cardboard such as FGH.


Leather material of box packaging


Take jewelry boxes as an example, box packaging leather jewelry boxes are generally combined with fashionable planning elements, which are filled with a strong modern flavor in the taste of the times. Some common elements can also be added to the leather box design, such as retro plaid style and other tea box packaging. The above is the box packaging data classification.

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Excellent box packaging manufacturer


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