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Design of packaging boxes

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Packaging boxes design plays an important role in stimulating market competition for products. In order to design unique packaging boxes, most manufacturers have made great efforts to pursue different packaging box design styles. With the development of the times, people's aesthetics are constantly improving, and the requirements are also increasing. Meeting people's aesthetic needs has become the main subject of packaging boxes design. The packaging boxes that simply put a product photo in the past can no longer satisfy people's aesthetics, and they need a more artistic form of expression. The designers of food packaging boxes also use abstract techniques to make product packaging boxes more artistic, leaving room for people to imagine. Next, HC Packaging will introduce simple style packaging boxes, painting packaging boxes and the brand effect of packaging boxes.


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Simple style packaging boxes


Packaging boxes can be used in solid colors, with the introduction and name of the product. Packaging boxes do not pursue gorgeousness, but just want a high-quality packaging box design, which can bring a certain feeling or reminiscence to users. This type of style plays on the feelings of users. Simple and low-key packaging boxes can highlight the purity of the product. The above is the introduction of simple style packaging boxes.


Painting packaging boxes


The packaging boxes can be decorated with hand-painted pictures, and the pictures of the packaging boxes can be replaced by some cute hand-book characters, which will increase the interactivity and interest of the user during the use of the user, and this style is more cute. The above is the introduction of painting packaging boxes

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The brand effect of packaging boxes


In order to build the influence of the brand, merchants can use the unique advertising slogan or logo of the product as a way to attract users, so as to design packaging boxes and increase the influence of the brand. The above is the brand effect of packaging boxes.


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