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Design ideas and trends of packaging gift boxes

Oct 17,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:
Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has advocated politeness and communication. Therefore, gift boxes are naturally inevitable. Times are developing and concepts are changing. What are design trends of gift boxes? What are the new ideas for design ideas for packaging gift boxes? This article packaging gift box manufacturer HC packaging summarizes the following points.

Design trends of gift boxes

1. Sustainability

The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, people are researching new materials to design packaging and environmentally friendly methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by solid waste packaging. So sustainability is the first thing packaging gift box manufacturers need to consider.

2. Personalization

Packaging design customization is a method of design strength and influence, among which there is a high degree of relevance and influence on the product's own corporate image and social impact. Packaging and images form a natural development performance and a humanized form of life organic, providing a unique style of individuality and quality to attract consumers. The design of gift box packaging should be a systematic thinking, which should be established from the actual situation of different angles and positions, and the various factors to be considered should be understood.

3. Security

With the rapid development of modern technology, packaging has not played the role of counterfeiters as general anti-counterfeiting technology. Strengthening the visual effect of gift box packaging design and strengthening industrial technology packaging printing has become a powerful weapon to protect the rights of forgery. Innovative methods of packaging design, gift box printing and industrial technology, integrated high-tech achievements, finding clever ideas and unique visual effects are another direction for the future sustainable development of industry packaging.

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Design ideas for packaging gift boxes

1. Gradient colors have been used a lot in the design of the past two years. In fact, they are designed in combination with Internet trends. Gradient colors in the traditional field of packaging can make products look imaginative, which is also a good design. direction.

2. By using the typesetting design of large fonts, the layout effect of large and small fonts can better highlight the core keywords of the product itself, and make the product design very full, and then cooperate with the simplified background and font elements, It can clearly compare the selling point of the product.

3. Geometric line elements are mostly used, and the shading is designed to cover the entire layout. As the shading of the picture, the picture is very full and full. This composition method is more flexible. The main vision is not composed of an independent main body, but has some scattered elements, text information, picture elements, etc., and finally achieves coordination and unity after the design is arranged.

4. In packaging design, natural materials such as wood are always the mainstream materials in packaging design. It can be used for leather, wood, cardboard or cellulose, etc. made of recycled materials, and is also a natural material in packaging design.

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The above are the design ideas for packaging gift boxes introduced by packaging gift box manufacturer HC packaging, the design trends of gift boxes change with the times, if you are interested in these, please contact us!