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How packaging box exporters control printing colors

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The colors adjusted by packaging box providers often have errors with the standard colors when they are used in the printing factory. This is a problem that is difficult to avoid completely. The only way is to reduce the color difference to an appropriate limit. What is the cause of this problem? How to control and how to improve the accuracy of color matching? The importance of controlling printing colors cannot be ignored.

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The methods of controlling printing colors

1. Printing method: Most of the packaging box manufacturers use small printing machines imported from the United Kingdom. The mesh of this machine is on a flat plate, and the printing is completed by moving the printing film with a round embossing wheel. The machine of the printing factory is In the round pressing method, the mesh is on the rotating circular wheel. The number of lines and angles of these two meshes are quite different, which makes the same ink have a lot of difference between the two printing methods. Sometimes it is not only the problem of dark color and light color, but also Hue, lightness, etc. will bring about a big difference in the effect. Some small factories use a squeegee to match the sample, which is even worse. Using the proofing machine of the plate making factory to match the color, the effect will be much better than that of the imported small printing machine, but the price is similar. This kind of proofing machine can be made into the same version of the printing factory, and can design different levels and shades of printing according to needs. The pattern, which makes the printing method basically the same as that of the printing house, and an important factor affecting the hue, the printing plate, is also the same as that of the printing house. The methods of controlling printing colors are particularly important.

2. Pattern depth: Different printing pieces have different pattern depths, and the packing box manufacturer's understanding or estimation of the pattern depth used in the printed pieces also affects the accuracy of color toning. Obviously, if the packaging box manufacturer uses a 45μm dark version for color matching, and the customer's version is much smaller than 45μm, the printed color will become lighter, and vice versa, it will become darker. Some people think that the ink is adjusted according to the standard ink control provided by the user, and the plate depth can be ignored. In fact, this is a theoretical view, but it is not the case in practice. In theory, two identical inks (such as dividing a cup of ink into two parts) have the same hue regardless of the dark and light (other conditions are the same). But in the actual color matching, it is impossible to mix the exact same ink, so there is often such a phenomenon; It is much worse, so it is very important to master the depth of the plate. The depth of the plate of the customer must be used to print the color matching.

3. Viscosity: The printing viscosity of the packaging box provider for color matching should be as consistent as possible with the printing viscosity when printing the ink in the printing factory. The farther the two are, the greater the color difference will eventually be. Packaging box manufacturers use 22s for color matching, while customers use 35s. At this time, the color must be much darker, and vice versa. Some packaging box providers don't pay much attention to this problem, and regardless of the viscosity used by the printing factory, they will always compare the customer's standard samples (including ink samples and printed samples) with a uniform viscosity, which will cause a large color difference.

4. Printing materials: The materials used by the packaging box provider for color matching are different from those of the printing factory (including other processes), which will also cause a large color difference. Some inks with a layer of white ink will be closer in color to the customer print, and some will be the opposite. Some ink customers do not change much after compounding, but some change very greatly, such as some transparent colors, so when packaging box provider to color, be sure to understand the customer's process conditions, the most basic ones include: whether to print a white ink base, and what to compound material, whether it is varnished or not. Theoretically speaking, the closer the printing conditions of the packaging box provider to color tones and the conditions when the printing factory uses the ink to print, the higher the accuracy of the ink that is called out. However, due to the limitations of conditions, there are still many differences between the two, such as: printing speed, color viewing environment, and printing pressure roller pressure are impossible to unify. The accuracy of the tinting of the packaging box provider.

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The above is the methods of controlling printing colors introduced by packaging box provider HC Packaging, from which we can see the importance of controlling printing colors. If you are interested in gift box packaging, please contact us!