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Color Matching Tips For Folding Packaging Boxes

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In the packaging and printing industry, there is no shortage of colorful color matching, the same series of goods can be expressed in different colors, color is the most direct and clear expression of the meaning of the goods expression, such as red can express enthusiasm, prosperity, stimulate the palate, green can express natural, pure, healthy, different color collision with different sparks of passion, but some manufacturers in the design of the color matching is not satisfactory, called "spicy eyes", so today the folding box manufacturers will teach you color matching skills, I hope to help you.


Folding box color matching skills

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1. Color and color contrast relationship. This is the easiest thing for many manufacturers to show but not easy to grasp, in Chinese calligraphy and painting often popular in such a word: "impermeable, sparse can run the horse", in fact, is a contrast relationship, and specific performance in the packaging printing design, this contrast relationship is very prominent, and very common, specific performance techniques are color The use of shades of contrast, the use of color contrast, the use of color point to point contrast, the use of color contrast, the use of color contrast, the use of color contrast contrast and so on, according to the definition of the design style using different contrast, strong visual contrast contrast or coordination of soft contrast, these are based on the style as the basis to choose.


2. The color and the packaged goods of the illumination. Folding box manufacturers generally recommend that through the external packaging color to reveal or reflect the inner packaged goods, people look at the outer packaging can basically perceive or associate on the inner packaged goods. However, if we walk into a store and take a look at the goods, many of the goods do not reflect this kind of correspondence, so that consumers can not resonate from the surface to the inside, and ultimately do not play a positive promotional role in the sale of products.


Therefore, the folding box manufacturers suggest that in the process of packaging design, we must pay attention to grasp the color and color contrast relationship, otherwise there is no way to talk about the design of the packaging to impress consumers.


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