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The Difference Between Physical Packaging And Decorative Graphics

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The difference between physical and packaging graphics

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Folding gift box is a product "coat", as the saying goes, people rely on clothes, and Buddha relies on gold, delicate gifts also need exquisite folding gift box to set off, you know when people are shopping for goods, the outer packaging box is a major highlight to attract their attention, and nowadays many businesses will choose to print graphics on the box, including physical graphics and decorative graphics, today folding gift box custom manufacturers HC Packaging to discuss with you the difference between physical and decorative graphics in folding packaging box printing.


1. Physical graphics, folding boxes custom manufacturers usually use painting techniques, photography portraits, etc. to show. Painting is the main form of expression of packaging design, according to the needs of the overall concept of the packaging to draw the picture, for the goods. Compared with photographic portrait, it has the characteristics of taking, refining and generalizing freely. However, the commercial nature of commodity packaging determines that the packaging design should highlight the real image of the commodity and give the consumers an intuitive image, so photographic portrait expresses the real and intuitive visual image is the best expression technique for packaging printing design.


2. Decorative graphics, folding gift box custom manufacturers are divided into two kinds of expressions: figurative and abstract. Figurative figures, landscapes, animals or plant patterns can be used as symbolic graphics for packaging to express the contents and properties of the packaging. Abstract techniques are mostly used for writing, using abstract point, line, surface geometric pattern, color block or texture effect to form the picture, by concise, eye-catching, with a sense of form, but also the main expression. In general, figurative forms and abstract expressions are not isolated in packaging decoration design, but combined with each other.


Whether it is the use of physical graphics or decorative graphics, the ultimate goal is to beautify the outer packaging of goods, to achieve the maximum role in attracting consumers.


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