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Composition Design Skills Of Boutique Gift Boxes

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Just like the grasp of color skills, the skills of composition are diverse, and the relationship between the two is interdependent and mutually expressive. But color is the basis, composition is the process and the ultimate purpose, so the composition design is the most important. In this process, besides grasping certain skills, we also need to pay attention to its visual effect. Today, HC Packaging will answer your questions.

Composition design tips for packaging boxes 


1. The contrast between thick and thin composition techniques.


The so-called coarse and fine contrast refers to the color used in the process of composition and a style formed by the color composition pattern, in calligraphy and painting works, there are the words of brushwork and painting, this style in the packaging composition is the general packaging often use the expression. For this thick and thin contrast some are the main pattern and the accompanying pattern contrast; some are the contrast between the central pattern and the background pattern; some to the wild calligraphy instead of pattern, Guangzhou boutique gift box manufacturers in the wine and food packaging can be seen at any time, such as Sinian dumplings and Rejoice shampoo is such.

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2. The sparse and dense contrast of composition skills.


Speaking of compositional skills of sparse contrast, and the use of color contrast is very similar to the simple and complex, that is, the pattern should be concentrated in the place of the diffusion of the accompaniment, it is not appropriate to focus or diffuse, reflecting a kind of sparse coordination, rhythm, while also not losing the theme of prominence. HC Packaging see a lot of packaging pattern design, the whole picture dense, flowery, from the background pattern to the theme pattern is very Heavy color performance, so that people feel pressure to breathe, not only did not play a role in beautifying the product, promote sales, but also make people tired and lack of appetite, which is not grasp the contrast between sparse and dense caused.


3. Composition techniques in the contrast between Chinese and Western.


This contrast is often in the outer packaging design of the picture using Western painting cartoon technique or Chinese Chinese art and the combination of English, or directly to the realistic approach to the character of the photo or a picture prominently expressed in the packaging pattern, this form of expression is also a HC Packaging common borrowing method, in children's products, clothing or cosmetics on the packaging often appear.


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