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Some Health Care Products Packaging Box Design Points

Jan 12,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

With the arrival of 2022, major manufacturers are beating the drums to prepare New Year's Eve goods, in addition to the common New Year's Eve gifts, health care products, precious health care herbs such as truffles have apparently become quietly popular as gift-giving goodies. At present, health care products such as health care products have become one of the best selection of holiday gifts, but also because of the increasing demand for health care products, health care products packaging planning also shows a trend of diversification. Therefore, in the case of the gradually saturated market of health products, we should pay more attention to the packaging of health products, so how can we design our products to break through the competitive market and attract consumers' attention? See HC Packaging take truffle box as an example to share with you.


Truffle box design points

 Truffles Packaging box

1. Truffle box design must be able to fully demonstrate their products to consumers. Truffle box folding gift box is mainly to convey to consumers the selling point information of health products, so the packaging design must also fully express the characteristics of the product, such as truffle box pattern design and color selection, must capture the psychology of consumer groups.


2. Truffle box design should focus on conveying humanistic care to consumers. You may not know that the health product packaging design has the enterprise's respect for consumers, in today's highly homogenized market atmosphere, we are not only concerned about the commercial nature of health care products folding gift box, we also have to have humanistic care for consumers, and the design concept is to achieve a psychological resonance with consumers.


3. Truffle box design should be based on the local, look at the international. Powerful health products are oriented to the international market, it will not be limited to the local development. Truffle packaging box to focus on the combination of local traditional culture, in order to another gesture in the international market shine, after all, foreign aesthetic vision and the domestic or different. The truffle folding gift box packaging as a gift to bear to reflect the class, box type and material is the focus of the packaging design.


4. Truffle box material must be hard. Truffles and other health products are, after all, medicinal herbs, a slight loss will compromise its value, so the box material must be rigid folding paper packaging.


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