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HC Packaging Tells You The Key Points Of Gift Box Customization

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When many customers approach us at HC Packaging for custom gift box packaging, they actually do not care entirely about the significance of the packaging, resulting in the boxes made not being able to enhance the image of the company itself while the newly made gift boxes are not able to increase sales. Packaging is here to enhance the overall quality of the product, and senior products are often used as gifts and other special purposes, so the requirements for packaging are higher. Today, HC Packaging will tell you three points that you must know when customizing gift boxes.


Three key points of gift box customization


1. Stick to the ultimate purpose and application of packaging, practicality is the main focus.


Many people see consumer products as fashionable, and many businesses keep launching marketing tools such as promotion and sales for new product packaging, which constantly stimulate consumers' desire to consume. HC Packaging believes that chasing trends is not a long-term development strategy, and will fall behind in a year and a half, and will only be led by the nose. Always adhere to the ultimate purpose and application of packaging, to meet the core needs of customers, to be practical, and not to ignore the importance of the product itself for the sake of the mere economic effect of the mall.

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2. Clear planning objectives, positioning the level of gift boxes according to product characteristics and market demand.


Nowadays, the position and role of product packaging in sales activities are getting more and more attention, and thanks to packaging, goods present a more diversified style. The results of a social survey show that 63% of customers decide to make their final purchase with the packaging of goods. Therefore, HC Packaging suggests that when planning packaging, we should clearly analyze the market trend according to the product characteristics, compare similar products to find out the similarities and differences, and develop a marketing plan for the product, so as to select the most suitable form of packaging gift boxes.


3. Reasonable planning, consider the functionality and reusability of the new gift box.


In the process of customizing gift boxes, it is important to make the best use of them as much as possible, so that the outer packaging is not only beautiful on the outside, but can no longer be discarded. For example, for a series of cosmetic gift boxes, the outer packaging can be designed as a reusable cosmetic bag or a cosmetic case that can be folded for storage. In conclusion, "high-grade" is not equal to high price, high-grade gift box customization should have a certain cultural heritage, culture-based, life-based, modern-oriented way to plan.


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