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Several Key Points Of Text Design For Gift Boxes

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The key points of text design on gift boxes

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There are many elements that make up the packaging design, among which text graphics and color can be said to make up more than 90% of the packaging design, and the text design is the window of a gift box, it can also show the value of the goods to consumers, realize the promotion function, and is the communication link between manufacturers, distributors and consumers. Today, HC Packaging will talk to you about text design.


For gift box manufacturers, package text design is very important. The text must be clear and straightforward so as to accurately convey the relevant product information to consumers, and the product lot number, product date, product name, product usage and the capacity of this package must be filled in strictly according to the national standards.


The first principle of text design is to be unique, the so-called unique is the shape, composition and text strokes should be unique, there are skills, artistic style, only unique design can make consumers refreshing, let consumers feel novel and interesting, then the overall gift box packaging will be able to enter the hearts of consumers.


Secondly, the text design is not only to make the gift box play the role of introduction and propaganda, but also to have a certain infectious power, how can we show the infectious power? It is to make the gift box have enough association. The so-called association is to make the consumers resonate and associate with each other, and even fantasy, so that the value of the goods contained in the gift box can be enhanced.


A proper font design can bring a sense of harmony and unity to the gift box packaging, avoid tediousness and clutter, and bring a different experience to consumers. Finally, HC Packaging suggests that if you have different ideas about text design, please feel free to contact us to discuss them together.