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One-Piece Folding Box Customization Is The Best Branding Media

Mar 30,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

One-piece folding box is not only innovative and full of personality, but also can assume the function of brand communication. If you add brand advertising slogans, core explanations, long-term promotional activities and other promotional and brand information in the appropriate location of the box, it will play a "one-stop" promotional effect, which will directly boost product sales.

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FMCG products such as food, liquor, daily necessities, etc., have a short consumption cycle, so the packaging becomes a low-cost, effective brand communication media, therefore, for the initial advertising volume of small enterprises, through a piece of folding box customization is one of the best branding positions.


Take Baiyanghe liquor brand, it is the same as other enterprises in the early days, product packaging mainly to follow the strategy, imitate the custom style of various outstanding brands, as similar as possible to the brand-name products. If you say, in the introduction of product promotion and growth period to use the strategy, is correct, the enterprise also tasted the sweetness. However, with the development of the enterprise, the advantage gradually turned into a disadvantage, the brand name on the packaging is too small, consumers can not accurately identify the Baiyanghe brand, can not form repeat purchases, consumer loyalty is not high, so due to excessive imitation, the lack of their own design style, the style is haphazard, and ultimately caused confusion in the visual image of consumers of Baiyanghe.


As the above example said, too much imitation of brand-name products will eventually affect the formation of their own brand effect, a piece of folding box box type unique and novel, can help companies form a strong brand influence, is one of the best brand publicity position, if you are still for your brand publicity is not in place and at a loss, to HC packaging custom one piece of folding box, you will harvest a different surprise. For custom folding boxes and packaging boxes, please feel free to contact HC Packaging.