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Copper Plate Paper Vs Kraft Paper Tote Bag

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About the classification of paper tote bags, it can be said that there are a variety of different uses can be divided into gift tote bags, shopping tote bags, jewelry tote bags, etc.; and according to the shape to be divided into round bottom tote bags, flat bottom tote bags, etc.; if the printing material to be divided into kraft paper tote bags, coated paper tote bags, white cardboard tote bags and special paper tote bags, among the use of the range Kraft paper tote bags and coated paper tote bags are widely used, who is better among them? And professional custom gift box manufacturers DuoYi packaging together to see what the difference between the two it.

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In terms of firmness, the fastness of kraft paper is greater than the fastness of coated paper, while the whiteness and gloss of coated paper are higher, the printing color rendering degree is better, coated paper covered with light film, matte film has a good moisture-proof function, durability has also improved, the overall effect is more exquisite, so the production cost of coated paper will also be slightly higher.


Kraft paper in addition to white kraft paper, other kraft paper is generally darker in color, suitable for printing darker color text and lines of style, but also appropriate design contrasting color block, kraft paper is generally not laminated, is a relatively low cost tote bag.


Professional custom gift box manufacturers believe that there is not much difference between the two, if your needs are practical tote bags then you can choose kraft paper material, if the demand lies in the exquisite upscale tote bags can choose to use coated paper material. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, the main choice of the right one is good.


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