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Personalized Packaging Design For Cosmetic Gift Boxes

Apr 08,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

With the continuous development of China's economy, the rapid degree of consumers' dislike for new and old packaging of goods, as well as a new understanding of the brand, are related to the packaging design to keep pace with the times, innovation is the soul of packaging design, but also the core strength of the survival and development of the entire packaging printing industry. While emphasizing innovative personalized packaging design, there are also issues that need attention. Today, the custom cosmetic gift box manufacturer HC Packaging Packaging will take you through what issues need attention.

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1. personalized packaging design should be market research. To do a good job of packaging design personalization, we must first master the psychology of consumers, and strive to match the psychological personality of consumers, packaging and goods in the mood of coordination, so that consumers in some kind of imagery to recognize the qualities of goods. Every detail should be carefully considered, reflecting a personality, an attitude or even a belief of the brand.


2. Personalized packaging design must strengthen the visual impact. Cosmetic gift box custom manufacturers suggest that personalized packaging design should make clever use of color to create visual impact, the results of a psychologist survey analysis shows that people's memory of the brand, 83% with visual, 1% with auditory, 3% rely on the sense of touch. Color in the packaging design occupies a particularly important position, because different colors can cause different visual reflections, thus causing different psychological activities.


3.Personalized packaging design should also be environmentally conscious. 21st century is the century of "greenism", the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, while emphasizing personalized packaging design should also curb the momentum of excessive packaging, green environmental protection and personalized packaging design blend with each other, will certainly be able to collide with a different spark.


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