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Brand Strategy And Acceptance Points Of Packaging

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Guiding packaging design with branding strategy


Why folding gift box custom manufacturers, we recommend the brand strategy to guide the packaging design? It is because the sales performance of the brand will not surge because of the good-looking product packaging design, but needs to be guided by the brand strategy to make the packaging return to the market, which is not a job that can be easily done in the office and in front of the designer's computer. In order for the product to grow rapidly in the market, it must be a solution to the potential needs of the market, which is not solved by the "value" of packaging design.


Market analysis finds the problem, brand planning sorts out the problem, and forms a brand strategy to solve the problem, which can finally be implemented into the product, price, promotion and channel.


folding gift box custom manufacturers simply brand strategy is a comprehensive market information to give solutions, and then to the packaging design to implement visual solutions, practice summary of the design is good, the strategy expressed in place, rather than the subjective value of the high.


The formation of any brand perception must be the formation of day by day, month by month, a year a packaging style, visual image will only make the brand image more confusing, adhere to in order to precipitate brand value. Overall, HC Packaging suggests that brand strategy should guide packaging design, with the ultimate goal of helping customers' brands achieve sales growth. The above views are for reference only, if you have different opinions, please feel free to find HC Packaging to discuss and analyze.

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How to accept the box


Many friends, because of the urgent use of packaging boxes, did not properly check the goods on receipt, and found the problem only to complain with folding gift box custom manufacturers, at this time the problem is blamed on who is not good, directly affecting the next opportunity for cooperation, so out of serious and responsible attitude to the goods, we are recommended to receive the goods first acceptance, to avoid other unnecessary problems occur. HC Packaging will take you to understand how to accept the boxes in general


Generally speaking, the acceptance of the product packaging box from the following aspects to start inspection: the appearance of the inspection, after receiving the box, you can first randomly selected a few as a sample to see whether the appearance of the box custom-made scars, stains, damaged deformation, and whether the box is designed in accordance with the design draft; specifications of the inspection, this requires a ruler to measure the size of the box to see whether it meets the order or the production order HC Packaging suggests to also check whether there are any errors in the packaging and logo of the product, whether the packaging method, quantity and material used meet the requirements, whether there are any errors in the printed characters, and if necessary, whether the pressure and shock resistance of the box meet the quality requirements.


Of course, if a large number of boxes is impossible to carry out all the tests, sampling inspection can solve the problem of a large number of boxes difficult to check, if there is no problem with the sampling inspection, but the actual use of the boxes found to have problems, that is a small probability of the problem, and generally speaking, manufacturers will send a few more boxes to a dozen boxes with the order, just to avoid the front of the box problems occur, so even if The problem also has a box to remedy.


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