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The Advantages of Cosmetic Folding Box And Purchase Points

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Points for choosing cosmetic folding boxes


Folding boxes are a versatile packaging option. For the cosmetic industry, many brands choose folding boxes as the outer packaging for their cosmetic products. However, the structure of the outer box of a cosmetic product is not the single issue that needs to be considered when customizing a cosmetic box. The packaging material plays an important role in the customization. Does the packaging use paper or plastic to make the cosmetic box, what structure is used for the box, and is it a folding box? All are important factors. We can refer to the following points when shopping for cosmetic folding boxes:

1. Product attractiveness

The beauty of the product can be maximized by using cosmetic folding boxes to increase the attractiveness of the product. And many cosmetic products are volatile and non-heat resistant and cannot be directly exposed to sunlight. Therefore, before customizing cosmetic folding boxes, you need to understand the sales channels of the products and their characteristics, so that you can better customize the boxes.

2.Product evaporation

If the product is a heat-resistant and non-volatile cosmetic, you can choose a plastic box to highlight your product from the inside out. However, in most cases, businesses choose cosmetic folding boxes as the outer packaging for their products. This is because folding cardboard boxes have good heat resistance, light blocking and rigidity.

3.The beauty of the packaging

Paper boxes can be printed in a variety of colors, fonts and patterns, compared to plastic packaging, has a high degree of plasticity. In addition, paper boxes can also be hot-stamped, embossed, printed and other related processes according to customer needs, increasing the attractiveness of the product to consumers.


4. Hard box material

Compared to the general paper box, the carrying capacity and durability of the hard box is much better than the general carton and even plastic packaging boxes, and also more beautiful。

Cosmetic Folding Box

The essential advantages of cosmetic folding boxes

Now the product packaging design is an important element that all businesses are very concerned about, mainly because the number of goods on the market today is increasing, the competition is getting fierce, and the packaging can play a certain value-added role, the survey results show that the same commodity with gift boxes and not gift boxes packaging sales volume there is a significant difference. Therefore, today we share with you a few points that can make cosmetics packaging play the biggest role.

1. Cosmetic folding boxes must be persuasive

At present, the main sales of goods are divided into two ways, one is placed on the shelves for people to take the initiative to pick, the second is a special sales staff to promote the product, so the competition between businesses everywhere. If it is the first case, when no one speaks for the goods, we have to rely on the product to speak for itself, which reflects the actual value of the cosmetic folding box, whether it can shoulder the heavy responsibility of selling the product out depends on whether it can attract people's attention and love. Therefore, as a box must have a strong and powerful persuasive power, can convince the majority of consumers to buy the product inside.

2. The cosmetic folding box can distinguish the goods from each other

Now there are dozens of brands of the same or similar products, and the competition between brands is extremely fierce, which requires cosmetic folding boxes to come out to speak, in the face of similar products, the product differentiation is becoming smaller and smaller, in order to be able to distinguish between different brands of products, cosmetic folding boxes play a key role, the unique performance of the box design to distinguish goods similar to it, to Knowing that something with a certain personality is usually the darling of the majority of consumers.


3. Cosmetic folding packaging boxes can meet people's psychological needs.

 Modern people's living standards are generally improved, people are pursuing quality life, cheap and lack of packaging goods can not fully win the hearts of consumers, now people buy is no longer just goods, but a kind of self-confidence, cosmetic folding packaging box design can make the goods more artistic value, more enhance the grade of goods, if a commodity does not have a perfect boutique folding box lining, it is very difficult to meet people's psychological needs. If a product does not have a perfect folding box, it is difficult to meet people's psychological needs.


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