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How to make box packaging design interesting

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Box packaging design

Express your gratitude directly with a smile!


A limited edition traditional anniversary beer inspired by membership cards. Through a dynamic label, with hand-placed smiley face stamps, each beer is made unique, unrepeatable, and the close and trusting relationship with customers is recognised.


Communicate the series concept through graphic evolution


The phases of the moon over the age of 20, 30, 40, 50 are a metaphor for a woman's age stage. The phases of the moon range from new moon, full moon next month and waning moon as skincare. A graphic symbol of the moon is used on the front box in a minimalist style, subtly specifying the age stage.


Presenting good stories on box packaging


You can use the product in eighteen very different ways, from regular hand washing and bathing to brushing teeth, cleaning floors, to bathing your dog. If you have time to sit down and read through it over and over again, it can also serve as some engaging literature.


Interesting illustration design is the magic weapon


The box packaging is filled with bright colors and bold designs that are sure to make you fantasize about those great outdoor days.


Handwriting is the favorite of literary youth


This box packaging design unearths the character and history behind the brand, representing the arduous and evolving relationship between humans and insects. Handwriting is an approachable, clever way to create a very raw feel, which is exactly what the honey industry is supposed to do because it's these things in and of itself. The above is the box packaging design.

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The core of box packaging design


Originality, individuality and unforgettable are at the heart of box packaging design (and of course great box packaging design).


It's easy to see why in the first place, there are hundreds of gifts out there, all competing for the consumer's attention. The only way to be unique is to be different and be authentic. Because this is really a creative and exploratory question, it's impossible to offer advice on how to be "true", especially with the multitude of brands, looks and appeals that people are dealing with today.


If you're sticking with a generic-looking box packaging design, go for uncommon design styles and strong "visual standards". For example, if everyone is planning to do gift box photography, use illustrations or font designs. If everyone is using a horizontal layout, go vertically. If most box packaging designs are more modern, try to look retro and focus on quality.


Be bold, be different, and find unexpected sources of inspiration from other box packaging categories such as: Spirits label design can be a great way to brainstorm ideas for this new chocolate box packaging project.


Secondly, from the shopper's point of view, no one has ever seen this kind of box packaging, and never seen such a detailed gift box packaging. Due to the sight distance from the shelves and the fact that the products are arranged in rows and columns, all we see are real patterns made from various items. It wasn't until a pattern caught our eye that we decided to take a closer look.


This uniqueness and appeal of gifts when placed on the actual shelf is what retailers call "shelf impact" and it has a huge impact on product sales.


Last shelf impact is something you need to test and explore in your design. You can do this by mimicking the placement of the design on an actual shelf and enclosing it with other items (for best results, use several rows and columns per item). The more unique it looks, the better it will sell. The above describes the core of box packaging design.

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Box packaging supplier with a sense of design


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