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Common design structure of paper packaging boxes

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Paper packaging box printing products are mainly used for some printed products of product packaging boxes. Carton packaging boxes are quite different from other products in terms of production. Carton packaging boxes are more in the design and production process. Pay attention to packaging boxes performance. The printing design of packaging boxes refers to the selection of suitable packaging box materials and the use of ingenious craftsmanship to shape the container structure and beautify the packaging boxes for packaging boxes. Today, we will introduce to you the different types of carton packaging boxes design structure.

Printing of paper packaging boxes


1. Design of convenient paper packaging boxes: The main design idea for the design of this kind of carton packaging boxes printing products is to provide greater convenience for users. Most of them have a handle design, and the handle is usually installed On the box body, in order to save the space occupied by transportation and facilitate transportation, the handle is generally designed to be folded.

2. Design of open-top paper packaging boxes: The open-top carton packaging box design is the most widely used packaging box printing design, and the open-top carton packaging box design combines the cover and the box together. , one side of the cover is fixed and the other side can be shaken to open. There is another kind of structure that can be separated from each other, which is commonly known as the sky-earth-cover structure. The color box designed in this way is easy to open. packaging boxes.

3. Pull-out paper packaging box design: This kind of pull-out carton packaging box design is to open and close the packaging box product by pulling, and it is also a more convenient packaging box design. This form It is a double-layer structure and a pull-out form, so it has the characteristics of being firm and thick and easy to use. The above is the introduction of printing of paper packaging boxes.

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Types of paper commonly used in packaging boxes

Paper plastic packaging boxes

The development of modern packaging boxes is very rapid, and the use of packaging box materials is also extremely extensive. From natural materials to man-made packaging boxes materials, from single materials to synthetic materials, no matter which material it is, the application in color box packaging boxes is very extensive. Generally speaking, the packaging boxes of modern exquisite color boxes are generally made of paper packaging boxes, which is the most widely used material in the packaging box industry. It is easy to process, economical in cost, and suitable for fine printing. Moreover, the design of color box packaging boxes usually requires scientific, economical and practicality as the basic principles.

The commonly used paper packaging box materials can be basically divided into three categories: paper, cardboard and corrugated paper. Today we are mainly talking about the types of paper.

1. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a kind of paper, which is mainly made of sulfate pulp. It has the characteristics of low cost, high strength, thick fiber and good air permeability. It is mostly used to make shopping bags, paper packaging boxes, food and small packaging boxes, briefcases, etc. It is also used as the surface layer of corrugated paper.

2. Bleached paper

Bleached paper is also a kind of paper used in packaging boxes, which is produced by using soft and hard wood mixed pulp and using sulfate or sulfate process. With high strength, white and fine paper quality, good smoothness, suitable for modern printing process. Often used as color box packaging boxes, labels, bottle stickers, etc.

3. Wax paper

Waxed paper is a paper with strong water resistance and certain strength made by combining wax coating technology. It is mainly used for inner packaging boxes, such as food, fruit, cakes, textiles and daily necessities. The isolation protection packaging box material.

4. Cellophane

Cellophane is a packaging box paper made of natural cellulose. It can be made into different varieties such as painting, waxing, coating, etc. It is characterized by smooth surface, good transparency, high density, strong tensile strength, small expansion and contraction, suitable for printing, good moisture resistance and oil resistance, mainly used for food Color box packaging boxes for similar products. The above are the types of paper commonly used in packaging boxes.

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