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Wine Gift Box Personalization Market Analysis

Dec 31,2021 Source: HC Packaging Views:

At present, China's consumer goods market is becoming more and more standardized and rationalized, consumers not only have higher and higher requirements for the quality of goods, but also have more demands on the user experience brought by the products, especially the pursuit of personalized goods is the most typical. HC Packaging's wine gift boxes to meet this market demand, with the introduction of personalized customization services, and at the same time to achieve personalized goods custom packaging The number of packaging solutions for personalized products is also gradually increasing. Today I will introduce the current market situation of wine gift box packaging and share cases of wine packaging personalization solutions, hoping to provide reference for consumers who need personalized wine gift boxes.


The current market situation of personalized wine gift boxes


Speaking of personalization, in the wine industry is not a new thing, from wine products to wine packaging personalization, many businesses have made attempts and practice, and has achieved significant results in many aspects, such as wine folding gift box packaging customization, etc., are gradually changed from the traditional batch customization to personalization, to meet the needs of more levels of consumers, but the continuous progress of science and technology and Internet technology Rapid development of science and technology and Internet technology, but also to our wine box manufacturers in the implementation of personalized solutions for wine gift box packaging, has brought great challenges, mainly because customers require production costs can not be too much higher than ordinary batch wine packaging; delivery cycle requirements short, not too long. These requirements are very high for the wine box manufacturer's production flexibility and order identification scheduling ability, so there are certain requirements for the strength of the wine box manufacturer. We at HC Packaging have our own packaging team to meet our customers' needs to the fullest extent.

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Wine personalized gift box packaging case


Take personalized Xifeng wine as an example, after market research found that the wedding wine, birthday wine, commemorative wine and promotional wine these areas of personalized packaging demand is the most vigorous, their common point need to highlight the theme of content, each with special significance. In addition, these applications also have their own characteristics in terms of details. In terms of the selection of overall elements, elements representing the essence of traditional Chinese culture in traditional Chinese cultural thought, such as phoenixes and totems, can be used, or traditional calligraphy can be chosen, or colors such as gold and red, which can express the meaning of good fortune and wealth, and dark blue, which indicates steadiness, can be incorporated into them. The use of unique design, so that the application of traditional Chinese culture in the design of personalized packaging to further refine and sublimation. For example, one of our wine gift boxes, manufactured by HC Packaging, is printed with a fine bird feather totem in an atmospheric blue color to show its unique sophistication.

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