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Why Is Hc Packaging'S Paper Box More Advantageous?

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With the progress of technology, the development of the times, the e-commerce industry gradually emerged by virtue of the Internet. Then, to do e-commerce, must need packaging boxes. And the choice of packaging boxes can not be too arbitrary, need to take into account the type and characteristics of the product and the mode of transport, the length of transport time, etc.. Now there are a lot of friends in doing e-commerce struggle to choose what kind of packaging suitable for the product, now the post-90s, post-00s as the main force of consumption, not only to do a good-looking product appearance, the product packaging should also make an effort. Since it is an e-commerce products, goods have to withstand the toss, after all, the courier does not know whether your package is ten dollars three pairs of socks or valuable electronic products. Overly hard packaging materials, like wood material? Courier fees are beyond the value of the product, so think about it, or paper packaging boxes have more advantages, and it turns out that this is true, 90% of the packaging on the market is made of paper, today HC Packaging will give you a detailed introduction to the specific advantages of paper packaging boxes in which.


The advantages of paper packaging


1. Excellent protection performance, convenient processing and storage


Compared with other packaging containers, cardboard boxes with larger grams of gray board have good buffering performance, and also have heat insulation, light shielding, moisture-proof, dust-proof functions, which can properly protect the goods inside the box. HC Packaging has its own professional packaging manufacturing team with advanced technology that can combine different styles of boxes, such as folding boxes, heaven and earth cover boxes, etc., produced by mechanized processing and automation. Our folding boxes can be folded up for storage and transportation, which saves space and reduces cost, and has absolute advantages in cost performance.

 Origami folding box

2. Safe and healthy, green and environmental protection


Paper packaging materials are non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, safe and hygienic, and different varieties of paper packaging box materials produced through strict process and technical condition control can meet the packaging requirements of different commodities, and will not produce secondary pollution. And paper packaging boxes can be recycled, is a sustainable development of green packaging methods, than plastic material packaging methods more worthy of respect and support. For example, HC Packaging has been insisting on using pulp molded packaging and paper bags, using packaging printed with soy ink, etc.

paper bag 

To sum up the above two points, paper packaging boxes are good and not expensive. In HC Packaging's opinion, with the strengthening of environmental awareness and the increase of transportation costs, folding boxes and paper packaging boxes have become the best choice for product packaging.


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