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What Are The Requirements For A Healthy Food Packaging Box?

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Requirements for food packaging gift boxes


What are the mandatory requirements for health food packaging boxes, such as biscuits packaging boxes, etc.? Such requirements are not proposed by our box manufacturers, but by the relevant laws and regulations as well as the relevant food safety departments. These requirements must all be met when customizing health food packaging gift boxes, otherwise they may lead to food safety problems or the relevant departments may not pass the audit, which is certainly not something that companies would like to see. Here are some of the hard requirements that must be met when customizing health food packaging boxes. Here we take biscuits packaging box as an example.

 Biscuits packaging box

1. Freshness barrier


Biscuits packaging box requirements must have a certain freshness barrier, the so-called barrier is to block the outside world may cause pollution to the food inside the packaging, after all, food is to enter the human body, and there are many outside pollution, air, bacteria, microorganisms, etc., so to biscuits packaging box to ensure absolute barrier is quite The important point of the requirements. And freshness requirements, because some food for freshness requirements are very high, if you can not guarantee the freshness of the food, this food may quickly deteriorate and no way to eat, so in the choice of packaging materials should give priority to materials that can preserve freshness.


2. Easy to store and transport


With regard to transportation and storage requirements, biscuits packaging box not only requires the ability to hold food, but also to meet the packaging can be easily stored and transported. Food such as cookies may be damaged during transportation, so it is required to have a certain degree of hardness of the outer packaging, so that in the process of transportation, the cookies can be protected in all aspects.

 Biscuits packaging box

3. Material safety


The last hard requirement is the food hygiene and safety requirements, for example, the material used in biscuits packaging box must be non-toxic and harmless to the human body and safe, not to produce any harmful substances released to the food, because there are relevant national laws and regulations explicitly regulating the material of food packaging, so it must be implemented according to national requirements.


With the continuous improvement of domestic food laws and regulations, there will be more hard requirements introduced one after another, so we must keep up with the national pace and safely produce customized healthy food packaging boxes that meet the requirements.


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