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How Dessert Gift Boxes Can Convey The Message Of Taste?

Jan 10,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

Both the packaging design and printing of products belong to the more important aspects, especially dessert gift boxes. Only after doing a good job in these aspects can the product get a better development, so it is important to do a good job in the printing and packaging design of the product.


Mediums for conveying messages in dessert gift box

Dessert gift boxes 

When we enter a shopping mall, we will find that the food shelves are always full of desserts, so colorful that people can't help but stop to pick them. Today, let's discuss how to design a dessert gift box so that it can convey the message of taste to trigger consumers to buy?


"Food is the key to the people", material consumption is the eternal truth of human beings. Nowadays, everyone's quality of life has improved, and the requirements for food are not only satisfied with the requirement of having enough to eat. A large proportion of people will go after more exquisite desserts. When we see a beautiful dessert gift box, we often have an impulse and desire to buy, which is the most intuitive visual feeling. We all know that people use their eyes to observe the world around them, and when we are stimulated by a beautiful dessert gift box, we tend to be deeply attracted by this feeling and inspired by the urge to buy.


1. Colors of dessert gift boxes


Color is the first information people receive visually, intuitive and strong color impact can make people associate and imagine, different colors give people different emotional experience. Therefore, color is equally important for food. Color and aroma refers to people's feelings about food from vision, smell and taste, among which, because of the unique charm of color, it is the most effective element to convey taste feelings and stimulate appetite.


2. Patterns for dessert gift boxes


Pattern is another important element of dessert gift box design. There are many kinds of patterns, and through the reasonable use of color and the perfect combination of patterns, it is easy to express the "sense of tongue" of desserts. On this basis, continue to use "sensory" techniques to show the taste of desserts as much as possible, which is also the essence of the design.


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