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Why The Price Difference Between Packaging Box Manufacturers?

Dec 29,2021 Source: HC Packaging Views:

With the rise of online shopping, the logistics industry has also evolved. When it comes to logistics, then the presence of packaging boxes is definitely needed.


Reasons for the disparity in price between gift box packaging manufacturers


Many new customers, because of their first order, will compare three different gift box packaging manufacturers and finally choose the best one among the three gift box packaging manufacturers.

HC Packaging Co., Ltd. has the following reasons for this:


1. Raw material differences. 

The same is a paper, but the type of ordinary paper and special paper, special paper prices are naturally much more expensive than ordinary paper, even ordinary paper in the price will have obvious differences, professional packaging box printing factory analogy, the same color, the same style of T-shirt, the price of different brands is a world of difference, but one price one goods, which is the eternal truth. Paper is also the same, the price of paper, it is better in gloss, smoothness and ink absorption degree, the effect of printing out more beautiful natural.

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2. Printing equipment differences. 

The price of imported high-precision printing presses may be in the millions or even tens of millions, while the price of ordinary printing presses may be less than a million, the effect of printing out of these two devices can not be different? This is impossible, imported high-precision printing presses can naturally meet the high requirements of customers, and ordinary printing presses can only cope with the general needs of ordinary customers, after all, the price is there, of course, can not exclude those who are inferior to the bad gift box packaging manufacturer.


3. Ink and service differences. 

As mentioned earlier, the printing machine will be different, then the printing machine used by the ink is correspondingly different, the better quality of the printing machine is bound to need to be equipped with good ink, while the poor printing machine as long as the price of cheap ink can be, so as a professional gift box packaging manufacturer reminded should go to the manufacturer's workshop field inspection gift box The strength of the packaging manufacturer.


4. The difference in service. 

For example, like HC Packaging Limited, we have our own packaging team, can provide customers with a variety of product structure solutions, packaging box design solutions, etc.. We will strictly check each product. We are committed to providing customers with high quality gift box packaging.And, as a professional gift box packaging manufacturer, we focus on the development and production of high-grade boutique packaging boxes. Our products are diverse, including chocolate gift boxes, wine gift Boxes, etc. We can meet your requirements and provide you with excellent service.

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HC Packaging is a high quality Gift box packaging manufacturer with professional technicians and advanced equipment. We sell products including chocolate gift boxes and so on. Welcome to order.