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Box packaging customization requirements

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A good quality box packaging customization, from design, to find factory production to transportation needs to go through too many things. Design, since many times it is provided by the merchants themselves, we will put it aside for the time being. Our focus today is to talk to you about finding a high-quality box packaging custom factory, what details should be paid attention to, and what questions should be asked clearly? As HC Packaging, a carton factory with many years of experience in box packaging customization, we would like to give you some suggestions.


Customized requirements for box packaging


To do box packaging customization with good quality, we must pay great attention to the samples. We are not only concerned about the price, but also the quality. Good quality box packaging customization, the two most critical words are good quality and customization. Since it is a customized box packaging, it is unique, so the so-called sample delivery by many merchants is not valid, they send their own Public sample. The public version samples are produced to attract customers to place orders, and the quality is absolutely very good. Such free samples and later large-scale goods are prone to the situation that the goods are not correct. The best solution is to pay for a box packaging sample according to your own design requirements, although the cost of such a sample is higher. However, for merchants who want to do high-quality box packaging customization, paying for customized samples can not only ensure a comparison between the quality of the samples and the bulk goods, but also can be the first time if there is a quality dispute. Identify where the problem is and ultimately where the blame lies. These are the customized requirements for box packaging.

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Quality control of box packaging


To do good quality box packaging customization, the most important thing is the quality control ability of a factory. A good quality box packaging customization, the most important thing is to find a suitable factory, the box packaging produced by a factory with quality control, every detail has a standard assessment; and a factory without quality control, it is completely face-to-face, If the workers are in a good mood, the things they may make will be good. When the mood is bad, your goods will be more blessed. The key is that some factories without quality control will have different quality of the same batch of goods. , then as a businessman who wants to do good quality box packaging customization, don't you think this is a terrible thing? So finding a factory with good quality control will allow you to do things with less effort. The above is the quality control of box packaging.


Powerful box packaging factory


To do high-quality box packaging customization, we must understand the soft power of the factory and avoid communication problems caused by multiple people. Some factory salesmen do not understand technology, and there is no designer. No matter how well you design the box packaging, they will not be able to comprehend it. The biggest taboo of good box packaging custom merchants. There are also some factories that are better, but because the intermediate process of the factory is too serious, the salesman - designer - craft department - production department, a set of chains goes down, and the final sample may be very different from your original version. In addition to hardware, these soft powers are soft powers that you must examine as a factory. A company with poor service and a lot of equipment does not mean that it is suitable for you. Therefore, if you want to customize box packaging with good quality, you must also look at the soft power of the factory. The most suitable is the best, not the cheapest.


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