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How To Accept The Folding Boxes?

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Many friends, because of the urgent use of the box, did not properly check the goods on receipt, and found the problem only to react with us, then the problem is attributed to who can not say, directly affecting the next opportunity for cooperation, so out of serious and responsible attitude to the goods, we are recommended to receive the goods first acceptance, to avoid other unnecessary problems occur. So how do you generally accept the box? HC Packaging will take you to understand.

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Acceptance of folded boxes


Generally speaking, the acceptance of the product box is inspected from the following aspects.


1. Inspection of appearance


After receiving the boxes, you can take a few samples at random to see if the appearance of the box is damaged, stained or deformed, and whether the box is designed according to the design.


2. Inspection of specifications


This requires measuring the size of the box with a ruler to see if it meets the requirements of the order or the production order.


HC Packaging suggests to check whether the packaging and logo of the product are wrong, whether the packaging method, quantity and material used meet the requirements, whether the printed characters are wrong, and if necessary, whether the pressure and shock resistance of the box meet the quality requirements.


Of course, it is impossible to inspect all the boxes if there are a large number of boxes, and sampling inspection can solve the problem that the number of boxes is difficult to inspect. There is a box to remedy the problem. Finally, if there is a problem with the box, please contact HC Packaging in time, we will be happy to solve your problem.


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