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The Design Skills Of Custom Tea Gift Box Manufacturers

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The design skills of custom tea gift box manufacturers

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For a tea gift box design, whether in the use of color or pattern is very important, in each link above the requirements have certain strict, tea as a green natural beverage, tea tea gift box production, but also to inherit the tea "green natural" temperament. Today, HC Packaging, a custom tea gift box manufacturer, will share with you the design tips about the color and pattern of the custom tea gift box.


The color design of tea gift boxes has a very important role in the psychological impact on customers. Japanese scientists have found that people's attention to color is much greater than their attention to shape. The phrase "look at the color from afar, look at the flowers close" graphically illustrates the important role of color in attracting attention, impressing people and attracting customers, people have subjective feelings and objective feelings about color, different consumers often trigger different associations with different colors.


In the tea tea gift box with color, in addition to consider the variety of goods, grade, applicable occasions, but also consider the customs and appreciation habits of consumers. At present, the common varieties of tea on the market can be divided into different varieties such as green tea, black tea, white tea and green tea, etc. The tea and teaware gift box custom manufacturer suggests that different colors should be used for different tea varieties.


For example, black tea soup color is red and bright, when you drink it, the entrance is mellow, refreshing and lasting, the aftertaste is thick and fragrant, we should use warm colors, so that people have a sense of richness and taste; green tea is green, fragrant and strong, with "beautiful shape, green color, fragrance, taste," the four best tea, you should use green, blue and other such cool colors, so that people have a fresh and refreshing feeling; white tea, green tea is characterized by white hair Full of body, soup color apricot yellow, tea flavor fragrant nose, taste mellow, so it is appropriate to choose light, soft tones.


The traditional cultural symbols are reassembled by modern design techniques such as simplification, exaggeration, contrast interpolation, diffusion, breaking up, etc., so that they have national characteristics and at the same time do not lose the sense of modernity, and can give off a more charming style, and the traditional Chinese culture is penetrated into the tea packaging design by means of modern design techniques, so that it is implicitly expressed. For professional custom tea gift box service, please feel free to contact HC Packaging Co.