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Boutique Gift Box Manufacturers To Grasp The Color

Mar 10,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

Boutique gift box manufacturer's grasp of color

 Cosmetic Cardboard Boxes

Whether a commodity is exquisite, color matching occupation is a very important part, although strong color contrast can better attract the attention of consumers, but in the long run will also lead to consumer aesthetic fatigue, so HC Packaging use of color light contrast or shade contrast in the use of packaging color, for you guys, is a very good color matching suggestions, today we deliberately summarized, hope to help you.


1. Light and heavy contrast.


Often with light and plain base color set off on the gloomy and deep theme pattern, or in the gloomy and deep theme pattern, highlight the theme and name of light and plain packaging, as well as trademarks or advertising slogans. Conversely, you can also use a large area of heavy and deep colors to lay the background, and another light and elegant shades to focus on a color block or highlight the pattern on the box.


2. Shades of contrast.


HC Packaging finds that shades of contrast are very common in the many gift boxes it creates. The so-called shades of contrast refers to the design of colors in which both shades of color appear subtly on one screen at the same time, producing a coordinated perspective effect. The common usage is to use a large area of light color to lay the background, and then use dark color to compose the picture, or use coffee color block to compose the picture, and use light yellow or white pattern lines in the coffee color block.


Of course, there are still a lot of places to add to HC Packaging's summary on the color grasp of custom packaging gift boxes, and we welcome you to consult and discuss with us.