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The original reason for using packaging boxes

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In this day and age, if you don’t pack some products, it’s like you go out without wearing clothes. It’s too abnormal to go out without clothes on. Thinking about this situation, I feel very shy. But in real life, we can also find such a phenomenon, that is, the design and creativity of packaging boxes are known to many people who blindly follow the trend and plagiarize. When they see Tianfu tea, the packaging of the tea is very light, and then they follow the pursuit of tallness. On; the day after tomorrow, I saw that a cake shop's packaging was very fashionable, and I went to steal it to learn the art; just like this, on the premise that you don't know what the packaging boxes do, you imitate it everywhere, and in the end you get nothing, we are doing One thing must be understood before anything, that is, what is the role of packaging boxes? Let HC Packaging, a carton factory with many years of experience in packaging boxes, come to tell you in detail.


The role of packaging boxes in different industries


Packaging boxes, used in the ready-to-eat industry, are largely used to maintain hygiene. In real life, we always encounter such a situation. In order to be clean and hygienic when we eat, we will take bowls, chopsticks or other things to eat, so as to avoid direct contact between hands and food, and make it delicious. , clean and hygienic. The same is true in the ready-to-eat industry, such as cakes and snacks. A large part of the packaging boxes are just to keep the food hygienic and avoid contact with people. When we imitate this type of industry, we must think about whether our products are just for maintaining hygiene, and if not, whether the packaging boxes in this industry are really worth imitating and learning.


Packaging boxes, used in industries such as tea that pay attention to processes and rituals, have become the role of showing the taste of a scene. We all know that drinking tea has become a tea culture in many places now, with a complete set of tea tasting procedures. These people are successful people in a certain field in real society, and they are more concerned about style. , then when we are marketing to customers, we must show the taste of a scene, and it must be reflected in the grade to distinguish that successful people pursue distinctive characteristics. When we are doing packaging boxes, if we want to learn from these merchants, the question we must think about is, where is the income of my customers, do they have a ritualistic love for certain things, and if so, then for customers The taste of the current demand to reasonably design the scene can naturally attract the love of consumers. The above is the role of packaging boxes in different industries.

Packaging boxes

The original reason for using packaging boxes


Packaging boxes, in some industries, the initial role is nothing more than load-bearing and convenient transportation. Some people, when it comes to packaging boxes, must talk about high-end, but the role of packaging boxes in the beginning is just for the convenience of transportation. They take the specialties of A to B to sell, because B is very scarce, or the market. It is sold on the market, but the person who buys it may live in the deep mountains. At this time, we can only provide packaging boxes that are easier to carry from the perspective of consumers, so that consumers can buy your products. When we feel that our products are good enough, we can think about it for consumers and see if we can further straighten out other needs of customers through packaging boxes, so that consumers feel that our products are very good and our services are better. Well, it naturally improves our competitiveness. It seems that packaging boxes is definitely not as simple as you think. It has too many functions. I really don't know if I don't see it. It's startling when I see it. That's the original reason for using packaging boxes.


Packaging boxes supplier with a sense of design


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