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What are the styles of cosmetic packaging for creams / serums

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Cosmetics are indispensable skin care products in people's daily life. Of course, there are more types of cosmetics, so there are more styles of packaging gift boxes required. Since cosmetics are relatively special commodities, their forms include water, milk, and cream. Its packaging is generally divided into two layers. The first layer is the inner packaging, which is the common packaging of plastic bottles, glass bottles or porcelain bottles. There is also a layer of packaging outside the inner packaging, which is generally presented in the form of a packaging gift box. Let's take a look at the styles of cosmetic packaging for cream / serum.

Cosmetic packaging for cream / serum

There are two types of cosmetic packaging for cream / serum, one is a single box and the other is a hardcover box. The first type of single box is divided into double-insert box, that is, the lid and the bottom of the box have tongues, which can be inserted into the box. This type of box is the most commonly used box type for cosmetic packaging. In addition to the double-insert box, there are also buckle bottom boxes and self-buckle bottom boxes. These are more common in cosmetic packaging boxes.

Cosmetics boxes luxury packaging are divided into heaven and earth cover gift boxes. There are also two types of gift boxes. One is that the upper cover is large and can be put on the bottom cover. This box shape uses less materials, but it is not high-end. Brand-name cosmetics rarely use this kind of box. Box type. The other is the same size up and down, but there is a strip in the middle, which can be buttoned up when the cover is closed. This kind of box type is high-end and high-end, and it is used more. Book-shaped boxes are common in packaging boxes. Of course, cosmetic packaging boxes are also commonly used in this type of box type. There are also drawer boxes. Complete sets of small packaging perfumes are more commonly used in this type of box shape.

Since cosmetics are not ordinary commodities, their packaging also has special requirements. There are also certain regulations for the material of cosmetic packaging for cream / serum. To choose cosmetic packaging boxes, you have to find a professional cosmetic boxes luxury packaging manufacturer to customize cosmetic packaging boxes according to specific types of cosmetics.

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