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Paper package is favored by customers

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Paper package is the most widely used in packaging design, and it is also a sales packaging design with the most structural changes. It has many advantages, such as low cost, simple production, large batch production, and rich and varied content structure. It is also the most refined packaging box design in the packaging. The function of the paper package, first, the main purpose of the packaging box is to protect and prevent the deformation of the items; the handle design of the packaging box makes it portable; the exquisite packaging design can give the product a feeling of elegance, high-end, and exquisiteness, which can be satisfied by the design. Psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of various subjects, so as to promote sales.

1. Outer packaging plays a key role in product promotion

The packaging design company should not only pay attention to the effect of the packaging when it is placed alone, but also consider the effect of the display on the shelf. Of course, it should be conceived and used skillfully, but in the final analysis, this is related to the designer's artistic accomplishment and level. But at the same time, designers should also take into account its economical and practical aspects.

2. Paper package design is favored by customers

The important reason is that its harm to the environment is light, but it does not mean that there are no problems. In fact, it can be divided into two aspects: on the one hand, the pollution of the carton (box) itself to the environment, pure paper can be said to be not a big problem. However, fluorescent whitening agents or other additives are added to the paper, and after printing, glazing, etc., and now there are composite materials such as paper-plastic and paper-aluminum, so the carton (box) and its waste products The treatment also needs to be strengthened management. It is best to recycle, which not only prevents environmental pollution, but also has economic benefits. On the other hand, it refers to its hygienic protection as the packaging container itself. Especially when it is used as food, medicine or children's toy packaging, it is a very noteworthy issue whether it meets the requirements of hygiene, health and safety. Therefore, the packaging design that meets the requirements of environmental protection has become a problem that cannot be ignored in the processing of our packaging containers.

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