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What type of box should I choose for jewelry packaging?

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Beauty-loving women can't resist the temptation of shiny jewelry. Jewelry pendants play a lot of embellishment roles in daily dressing styles. Plain clothes add more flavor to jewelry. In order to attract more consumers, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the products, brands also make great efforts on the gift jewellry packaging box. So what type of box does gift jewellry packaging box generally choose?

There are several popular gift jewellry packaging box types, such as the flip-top box, which is the most common in the packaging box. The jewelry is transported to avoid collision and damage. Use one layer of packaging and then put it into the flip-top box. The flip-top box is the appearance It can be designed into many styles, including the logo of the printing company, etc., which can fully demonstrate the brand culture, and the flip box can also be made into a beautiful outer packaging box, which is pleasing to the eye. The outer packaging box of the gift jewellry packaging box can also adopt the exquisite boutique gift box style. This kind of high-end jewelry is more decent and shows the texture of the product. There is also a box with a heaven and earth cover, which can be directly opened to see the jewelry in the box, and this type of box can be customized to a suitable size and suitable for placing different jewelry. There is also a gift jewellry packaging box whose outer packaging box uses a tube box, and the lock button is extended to the reverse mortise lock box, which is quite commonly used in jewelry box packaging.

What type and design of the outer packaging box of the gift jewellry packaging box are, it still depends on the choice of the company. Some company brands have high requirements for packaging boxes, rich design elements, and good box shapes. The overall jewelry packaging box It gives people a relatively high-end and textured experience. This type of packaging box is naturally popular, and mass consumers are also happy with this gift jewellry packaging box, which is pleasing to the eye just by looking at it.

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