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Three Common Gift Boxes Materials

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Three common gift box materials


Material selection is one of the important elements to reflect the grade of the gift box products, commonly used gift box materials are mainly paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, leather packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes and metal packaging boxes, the above are suitable for business gift packaging boxes and personal gift packaging boxes custom use. The following is a brief analysis of the paper, wood and leather packaging materials of professional folding box manufacturer-HC Packaging.


1. Paper packaging material. 

If you want to reflect the gift of high-grade and valuable, you can use thick and can bear the weight of the paper material to build. Generally speaking, the paper material of folding box has a variety of choices, the effect of different thicknesses of gray board combination will be different, and the choice of surface paper is also diverse, coated paper, special paper, kraft paper and so on can be produced according to the design, so the paper packaging material is the most common flexible packaging material for folding box manufacturers. For example, the wedding boxes produced by HC Packaging are in the form of paper folding boxes, which are loved by customers at home and abroad.


2. Wooden packaging material. 

Wooden packaging material is more commonly used in jewelry, tea and other relatively high grade goods, both environmentally friendly and beautiful, but also to highlight the grade. For example, wooden jewelry boxes are relatively simple and elegant, suitable for women with elegant taste, while the antique wooden tea boxes are calm and elegant, suitable for middle and high class people. If your product sales positioning crowd in the middle and high-end people, it is recommended to use wood packaging material is relatively appropriate.


3. Leather packaging material.

 Generally speaking, leather packaging material is used in watch boxes, jewelry boxes, etc. Because leather packaging material has the functional characteristics of waterproof and windproof, it is an excellent packaging material for those valuable items that cannot touch water. Leather packaging material is generally divided into crocodile leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry box quality jewelry box, and then combined with fashionable design elements, the whole box texture straight up.


According to the material analysis of paper, wood and leather gift boxes by folding box manufacturer-HC Packaging, I am sure you have already understood the detailed problems of packaging box customization. If you are interested in folding boxes, please pay attention to HC Packaging Co.