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Application Of Color Marketing Theory On Foldable Paper Box

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Color marketing theory first appeared in the 1980s, is one of the important means for various enterprises to pursue low cost and high added value. In recent years, numerous foldable paper box businesses have also seized the business opportunity to use color theory for product marketing, and there are countless successful ones. Today for you to introduce in detail the application of color marketing strategy on tea foldable paper box, the following tea packaging foldable box as an example.

Tea Packaging box 

The so-called color marketing, is to understand and analyze the psychological basis of consumers, do what consumers want, to the appropriate positioning of goods, and then to the product itself, product packaging, personnel clothing, environmental settings, store decorations have been to the shopping bag with the appropriate color, so that the goods high emotional, become a bridge to communicate with consumers, to achieve the "hearts - color - goods" unity, the idea of goods to consumers, improve the efficiency of marketing, and reduce marketing costs.


For tea packaging folding box, the role of color marketing is mainly reflected in the use of tea packaging folding box, the use of color on the customer's psychological impact, different colors will have different psychological state and feeling for customers. If customers are curious and interested in a certain color, with good quality tea tea products, naturally can stimulate their enthusiasm and desire to buy, thus promoting sales. And companies can also according to the characteristics of their own production products, as well as the emergence of popular colors in the market, choose different colors to achieve the purpose of promotion.


For tea tea products, China's tea industry due to the late start, slow transition, color marketing is also still in its infancy. Complex or simple, modern or classical, gorgeous or plain, no matter what kind of color style can be expressed in color. With the development of the times, China's tea and teaware companies are paying more and more attention to the use of color, color marketing has gradually become one of the tea and teaware store business booming powerful guarantee, is a marketing strategy is quite important, I believe that with foldable paper box It is believed that with the continuous popularization of the use of foldable paper box, color marketing will become one of the marketing strategies that enterprises are bound to pay attention to.


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