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Causes Of Poor Letterpress Printing On Printed Boxes

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Generally in the market common packaging boxes printed relief pattern is basically letterpress printing, and letterpress printing as a basic production process, loved by the majority of customers, many customers find us will ask whether the letterpress custom printed packaging boxes can do, the answer is yes. But letterpress printing also has certain shortcomings, then as a special treatment of letterpress printing "difficult problems" custom printed packaging boxes manufacturers today to talk to you about the causes of bad letterpress printing what are.


Custom printed packaging boxes printing bad reasons


1. Printing pressure adjustment on the impact of printing quality.


Printing pressure is an important factor in achieving uniform transfer of embossing, the ideal printing ink layer from the balance of printing pressure. Generally speaking, when the substrate surface rough, printing format is larger, the printing pressure should be increased accordingly. However, in practice, you can not blindly increase the printing pressure to meet the visual effect of the ink layer. If the printing pressure is adjusted too much, it will not only accelerate the wear and tear of the machine and printing plate, but also easily lead to overprinting. HC Packaging as a professional custom printed packaging boxes manufacturer in order to avoid such adverse consequences, under normal ink supply conditions, the pressure adjustment of letterpress printing should be light to heavy pressure gradually, in order to accurately adjust to the appropriate printing pressure to ensure the quality of printing.

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2. The printing plate base is not solid, flatness, poor compressive strength.


Letterpress printing used in the printing plate frame (adhesive printing plate frame) hardness and accuracy of the product printing accuracy have a great impact, custom printed packaging boxes manufacturers if the traditional plywood to do a large area of letterpress printing plate support, due to the plywood flatness, fastness and poor compression resistance, easy to produce compression deformation. In the printing process, due to uneven pressure or the bottom bracket empty, will certainly increase the printing pressure, easy to cause plate deformation, so that the plate is larger than the actual printing plate. In addition, because the wooden base is easy to bend, the printing sheet taken away by the cylinder is bound to slip due to the slight vibration or movement of the printing plate, resulting in product overprinting.


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