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Factors Affecting The Color Of Folding Box Printing

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In a way, the color difference problem is hard for everyone to accept. The contrast between the buyer's show and the seller's show is unacceptable, so HC Packaging, as a folding box manufacturer, will double-check the accuracy of the printing color after accepting the customer's order. But normally, it is hard to avoid the color difference, we can only say that the color difference is reduced to a suitable limit, so how does HC Packaging control the printing color?


Factors affecting the color of folding box printing


1. The degree of plate depth.


Different printed parts have different plate depths, and HC Packaging's understanding of the plate depth used for printing also affects the accuracy of color mixing. Obviously, if a packaging box manufacturer uses a 45μm deep plate for printing when color matching, but the customer's plate is much less than 45μm, the printed color will become lighter, and vice versa. Customers who do not understand may think that according to the standard ink provided against the toning ink, the plate depth can be disregarded, but in theory, the same two inks (such as splitting a cup of ink in two), whether the plate is deep or shallow, its color phase is the same. But in the actual color mixing, it is impossible to deploy exactly similar ink, so there is often a phenomenon, sometimes it is printed shallow version of the color is closer (can reach customer requirements), but if printed deep version, the color is much worse, so the mastery of the depth of the version is very important.

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2. Ink viscosity.


Ink viscosity and printing color difference also has a certain relationship, like HC Packaging will be the ink viscosity as one of the factors to consider to control the printing color difference, because some ink viscosity is not enough to completely color the cardboard, resulting in a deep and shallow, the color difference is very obvious, so HC Packaging in the printing will be based on the characteristics of the ink allocation, so as to avoid the problem of insufficient viscosity resulting in color difference.


3. Printing materials.


Printing paper quality will also affect the printing chromatic aberration, some ink and then print a layer of white ink color will be closer to the customer's ideal color, some are the opposite. So HC Packaging color mixing, we must be clear about the customer's process, such as whether to print white ink bottom, composite what material, whether the varnish, etc., to the back of the proofing time will not be wrong.


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