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Folding Boxes Three Attractive Forms Of Packaging

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Folding boxes three attractive forms of packaging


Commodities can not be separated from the packaging, a commodity wants to sell, must have complete packaging, there are commodities have packaging, packaging has packaging design and production technology, the two are closely related, keep up with the market trend, constantly upgrade changes, for the brand upgrade, value-added always ready to meet the competitive market war, only innovative packaging to survive in the market in the long run. Today, HC Packaging as foldable paper box manufacturers to talk to you about three innovative forms of packaging, more attractive to consumers.

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1. Sensory packaging.


Sensory packaging allows consumers to have an intuitive feeling of packaging products, such as touch, smell, for example, some sensory packaging can be extracted from the smell of the food itself to attract guests, such as toast, roast meat, chocolate or fruit smell, etc., the extracted smell fused in the adhesive or paint, so that the whole package is full of attractive taste, HC Packaging through this way can establish a link between the product and consumers.


2. Intelligent packaging.


Intelligent packaging can put a lot of product information inside the package, combining the mark and monitoring system to form a set of extended tracking system, through the internal sensing elements or advanced barcode and trademark information system, and use the principle of sensory packaging and functional packaging to track and monitor the product. The use of UV and EB ink can effectively avoid deformation of bar codes, for more accurate data detection, but also the use of data chips or microdot detection system for control, HC Packaging believes that in the near future will be fully applied to such intelligent packaging.


3. Functional packaging. Functional packaging lies in the effective avoidance of interference with the contents, to protect the role of goods, such packaging is a scientific method to solve the packaging problems associated with the contents. For example, the fruit is perishable and perishable, according to the characteristics of the fruit to be protected by the corresponding inner tray design, and then for example, some liquid goods will be easy to leak, the packaging design can use waterproof materials to avoid secondary pollution of other goods.


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