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How To Improve The Quality Of Hot Stamping On Packaging Boxes?

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Usually the metal fonts and patterns we commonly see on gift boxes are the hot stamping process commonly used by custom folding box manufacturers. There are three basic elements in the hot stamping process: temperature, pressure and stamping time. Each of the three processes is very important, and each step may affect the final stamping effect. So today HC Packaging will tell you through which ways to improve the quality of hot stamping.


Ways to improve the quality of hot stamping of packaging boxes

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1. The premise is to choose the right substrate.


There are many substrates that can be stamped, usually paper, such as coated paper, white board paper, white cardboard, cloth paper, offset paper and so on. But not all the paper stamping effect is ideal, if the surface is rough, loose paper, for example, like booklet paper, poor offset paper, etc., because the aluminum layer can not be well attached to its surface, the unique metallic luster can not be well reflected, and even will be stamping on, therefore, HC Packaging as a custom folding box manufacturers recommend stamping substrates should be selected with a dense texture, smoothness, high surface strength. Smoothness, high surface strength of the paper, so as to obtain a good stamping effect, the unique aluminum electrochemical luster fully embodied.


2. The quality of the aluminum carbide is mainly by visual inspection and feel to gate-keeping.


Such as checking the color, brightness and trachoma of the electrochemical aluminum. The good quality of electrochemical aluminum requires uniform color, brightness after stamping, and no trachoma. Folding box custom manufacturers for the fastness and tightness of the electric aluminum can generally be checked by hand rubbing, or with transparent tape paper test sticky its surface, if the electric aluminum is not easy to fall off, the fastness, tightness is good, more suitable for stamping small text patterns, stamping is not easy to paste version; if gently rub the electric aluminum has fallen off, it means that its tightness is poor, can only be used for sparse stamping; in addition, to Pay attention to the broken head of the aluminum, the less broken head the better.


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