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cosmetic boxes packaging ideas and associations

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Ideas for cosmetic boxes packaging


As the best weapon for displaying products, cosmetic boxes packaging has always been favored by the majority of merchants. However, with the influx of a large number of merchants into the cosmetic industry, this place has become a red sea. How can we design a creative cosmetic boxes packaging? What are the ways to get such a product?


If cosmetic boxes packaging wants to be creative, it must pay attention to the usual accumulation. The reason why we can communicate smoothly with the world today is that we have been accumulating the knowledge needed to communicate with the outside world since we were infancy. In the same way, if we need to make creative cosmetic boxes packaging, we naturally need to pay attention to our usual accumulation. In the accumulation of cosmetic boxes packaging, the materials we need to accumulate mainly lie in three aspects: 1. Copywriting, try our best to The more you go to collect some industry-related copywriting, the more you read the copywriting, the more powerful the packaging will be. 2. The shape of packaging, millions of people around the world are engaged in creative work every day, we can only accumulate other people's designs every day, and when we really need it, inspiration will naturally spew out, because standing on the giant's body can See further. 3. Good design, a good designer has a very strong grasp of color and composition. Only by constantly grinding and practicing can we achieve the realm of practice makes perfect. To sum up, a good cosmetic boxes packaging is actually nothing more than a combination of these three. As long as we accumulate enough, the products we design will naturally be creative. The above is the ideas for cosmetic boxes packaging.

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Creative association of cosmetic boxes packaging


In order to be creative in cosmetic boxes packaging, it is necessary to carry out continuous association exercises. We all know that a creative cosmetic box packaging design is actually a process of continuously establishing strong connections and connecting all things in the world. The highest level of this association is to be able to use the most common things in life. Perfect consumption A new thing is described in front of the reader. How to get this connection? It is necessary to continuously deepen this association in life. For example, if we see a word "high-end", then we generally associate with: "high-end", "high-end" and "high-end", but if we think about "boutique" and "excellent". "Excellent" That's okay too. Only by doing a lot of associations will our thinking form the word network of the blockchain. Once such a word network is formed, it is easy to make creative cosmetic boxes packaging. Another place to make associations is that we have more associations with everything we see, such as seeing green. We can think of "forest", "leaves", "tea", "environmental protection", "nature", "fresh wind", "mountains", "Olympics", "World Expo" and "spring". In the process of operation, our cosmetic boxes packaging can be combined according to the characteristics of cosmetics. The above is the creative association of cosmetic boxes packaging.

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Cultural fusion of cosmetic boxes packaging


In order to be creative, cosmetic boxes packaging needs to make some seemingly meaningless combinations in various dimensions. Each culture has its own unique advantages. When we design cosmetic boxes packaging, we can completely integrate different products and cultures. Only by constantly combining tradition and fashion can we form ideas and finally produce Come up with creative cosmetic boxes packaging.


How can cosmetic boxes packaging be creative? As long as we pay attention to accumulation, continue to practice associations, and add a little cultural integration, the cosmetic boxes packaging we produce must be very creative. The above is the cultural fusion of cosmetic boxes packaging.


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